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Editorial board


Yu-Chuan Li

Editorial assistant

Shirley Letts

Editorial address

Yu-Chuan (Jack) Li, M.D., Ph.D., FACMI
Professor and Dean,
College of Medical Science and Technology (CoMST),
Taipei Medical University
Chair, Dermatology Dept, Wan Fang Hospital

Deputy editors

Alan Forster

Ezequiel Garcia Elorio

Oliver Groene
United Kingdom

Anthony Staines

Rosa Suñol

Hub Wollersheim
The Netherlands

Special project editors

Rosa Suñol, Spanish Abstracts

Paulo Sousa, Portuguese Abstracts

Wen-Shan (James) Jian, Chinese Abstracts

Yuichi Imanaka, Japanese Abstracts

Editorial committee

G Apolone, Italy

Y Imanaka, Japan

N Klazinga, The Netherlands

S-I Lee, South Korea

J Mainz, Denmark

P Saturno, Spain

S Staniszewska, UK

K Walshe, UK

G Westert, The Netherlands

J Zelmer, Canada

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